Wow! I am delighted that you have chosen to work with me on taking your next steps on your property investment journey.

I am excited to be supporting you and look forward to over delivering in every way!

My goal is that your investing moves to the next level you want to get to.

You will receive a series of emails in the coming days which will take you through the start-up process a step at a time. These will also breakdown the extra offers and how you receive each of those.

Within the emails are some questionnaires and also links to various introduction videos. The program is designed to move at your pace. Some people dive straight in and watch loads of the online content, others prefer to be led through it a step at a time.

So do not feel overwhelmed if you are the later – I will be sending you an email each week that will slowly introduce you to the extra online content and that will lead you through what to watch and which order. Over the next six weeks you will be led through the whole of the online course.

So look out for the first email. If you have not had it within 24 hours then please check your spam box and if it is still not in then please contact my PA Amber at

If you decide that after watching the masterclass that you would like to take your investing education to the next level then go to and if you are interested we will deduct the cost of this masterclass from that Full Membership product!

I look forward to us helping you achieve your financial goals over the months and years to come.

Invest with knowledge, invest with confidence, create financial freedom.

Aran Curry